Technology Innovation: 7 ways Technology has Changed the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is also one of the most competitive, with companies constantly looking for ways to stand out from their competitors. Technology innovation has changed many aspects of this industry, and it will continue to do so into the future. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at 7 ways that technology has transformed hotels!

1 .    Free WiFi

Technology innovation has changed the hotel industry in many ways, but one of the biggest areas it has impacted is free internet access. In years past, guests had to pay for their own internet connection. Even if they were provided with a wired Ethernet line in their room, this could be an inconvenience – especially when there was no desk or table available!

Nowadays almost every guest room comes equipped with wireless connectivity so that guests can enjoy fast speeds at any time of day without having to worry about paying extra fees. This level of service also allows hotels to attract more business travelers who are used to being able to work from anywhere using mobile devices and laptops .

A recent survey found that 93% of people have stayed in a hotel with free Wi-Fi, and 94% of those guests felt that it was important . Not only is this service necessary for modern travelers, but the revenue potential from providing internet to hotel guests could also be significant. A recent article by eMarketer estimates that hotels across the US now see an average of $18 in total mobile revenue per hotel guest – up 44% since 2013! This number has increased even more at higher end properties where business clients are likely to stay .

Free wireless access can have a big impact on any traveler’s experience – especially if they’re going through a long work day or want to relax after checking out of their room. With a reliable connection , guests no longer need to worry about missing emails back home or any other work-related issues. This has helped to increase overall customer satisfaction and has also enabled hotels to provide a better experience with online services such as booking, check in/out and more .

2 .    No More Key Cards

The use of key cards in hotels has been a longstanding tradition in the industry.  Although guests have generally appreciated this security measure, it hasn’t come without its flaws. For example, many people have experienced difficulties when trying to open their door with one hand while carrying bags or other items! In addition to being an inconvenience for travelers , keycards can be expensive and labor intensive too . Manually printing out these cards at every hotel is very resource intensive – especially considering that most rooms now have electronic locks instead.

3 .    Mobile Apps

The hotel industry has come a long way since key cards and wired internet.  Today, many companies now offer mobile apps that allow guests to check in easily from their smartphones as well as access other useful tools such as room service menus and turn down services . These types of initiatives have been embraced by the younger generation who are now more accustomed than ever before to using smart devices on-the-go. Meanwhile, business travelers can also take advantage of these features while traveling for work – especially if they’re trying to get ahead with some last minute planning or need help ordering something special without having to leave the office.

When it comes time for booking , many people will often look first at hotels that provide this type of mobile app.  Not only does it offer an enhanced level of convenience , but this can also help to increase brand loyalty and encourage customers to stay longer. In return, hotels are able to collect valuable customer data that can be used for future marketing purposes .

Many people don’t realize just how much technology has changed the hotel industry over the years. From key cards and wired internet access to wireless connections and apps – these changes have made a big difference in terms of comfort, security and efficiency too . Nowadays consumers expect more than ever before from their experiences with brands such as Marriott – especially when they’re traveling for business or pleasure!

4 .    Virtual Key

We’ve discussed the importance of mobile apps in modern hotels, but this is just one example of how technology has evolved over time. Another big change that’s taken place relates to virtual keys and other high-tech features implemented on key cards themselves. For instance, some smartcards now include radio frequency identification (RFID) chips which can be programmed with certain permissions or access privileges for guests. These types of solutions not only help to keep hotel rooms secure , but they also allow staff members greater control when it comes to delivering services too . This ensures that no two people have exactly the same experience while staying at a particular property – even if their physical card looks identical!

5 .    Guest Check-In

As smartphones continue to become more popular around the world , they’re now starting to play an increasingly important role in the travel industry.  For example, some hotels are offering self check-in kiosks where guests can scan their own smartphone barcode for access rather than having to wait at a front desk. This not only speeds up turnaround times but is also expected by today’s tech savvy travelers who don’t want to waste time on things like this when they could be exploring new destinations instead! Providing these types of services has helped many companies attract repeat customers and has even contributed towards improving overall brand recognition too .

Many people might think that technology hasn’t changed much in terms of hotel guest service , but this couldn’t be further from the truth! From virtual keys to mobile apps and self check-in kiosks – these are just some of the ways technology has evolved in recent years.

6 .    Identity Theft

One of the most important things to remember about technology and how it’s changed the hotel industry relates to security. For instance, some hotels now offer RFID managed locks which use a unique access code that you can set up at home before arriving onsite. Not only does this help keep rooms secure , but it also speeds up check-in times and ensures guests can get into their room more easily too! This type of system has been welcomed by many modern travelers who don’t like sharing information with large corporations when they’re not sure what might happen to it in future either.

7 .    Online Booking

Another important change that’s occurred in the travel industry relates to how people book hotel rooms. In today’s world , it can be done online at any time of day or night and from just about anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or laptop for instance! This has helped hotels offer more competitive pricing while ensuring they get paid upfront thanks to secure credit card transactions too.

The modern traveler expects convenience and this is exactly what technology helps provide these days when booking a hotel room ! By offering 24/24 access via mobile apps and websites – travelers don’t have to leave their home office desk anymore so why miss out on potential business due to weather conditions?


Technology innovation has drastically changed the hotel industry. While some hotels are more technologically advanced than others, one thing is for certain- technology plays a pivotal role in shaping how people stay at hotels today. From booking rooms to controlling room temperature and adjusting lighting levels with your voice, there’s no denying that tech innovations have made life easier on the road or while traveling for work. Below we’ve highlighted seven ways that technological advancements have transformed this once traditional industry into something entirely new and different altogether.  The next time you find yourself looking for accommodations near an airport, consider these 7 changes in the hospitality world thanks to technology before making any decisions about which property suits your needs best!

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Written by Mansoor Akbar

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