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Make a Cooking Tiktok

1 Keep it Easy

“Simplicity is key when creating food content for TikTok,” says MacKenzie Smith, creator of Grilled Cheese Social. While some at-home food preparer will be glad to take on a more complicated cooking challenge, Smith says an welcoming recipe is key to connecting with a larger audience. “My Baked Feta Pasta that go off viral, initially this year is a central example of how new yet simple food trends can take charge of the social environment and can easily be refurbished right in your own kitchen.”

2 Show off a kitchen Chop

Before jumping into full-on recipes, look at showing off your cooking hacks, shooting something you do special or showing a helpful spike some viewers may not know. Consider how you’d educate a friend, then reveal for the camera. (It assurely assists if you have a second set of hands, or a tripod, to film this content.) Smith, who’s apprenticing with the National Mango Board, says she’s been starting all her videos for the campaign with a affirmation of the best mango cutting manner, adding that the hedgepig mango cut is the peaceful way to cut the health beneficial food. “How-to content is both enjoyable and educational for the TikTok community—everyone have deep affection towards a good kitchen hack,” she says.


3 Shot from different angles

If you have two smartphones or cameras, attempt positioning them up on tripods or stands at different angles, so you can edit with a range of different shots, both above and from another view point. Only have one device? No problem. Think about shooting various portions of your cooking—chopping, stirring, plating—from a linear perspectives to add a pictorial quality.

4 Keep it brief

You’re not capturing a feature film here. Keep your video between 30 to 60 seconds to keep your ever-convolve audience engaged. “Long duration videos can evolve suspense initially, but in due course bore viewers,” says chef Vicky Cano of “For example, at start I used to produce a series of videos for one recipe but my audience engagement lessen with the intensification number of videos. Then, I kept my videos brief and started listing recipes in the caption, and observed higher engagement.”

5 Get artistic when editing

Sure, food videos can be enjoyable on their own, but if you want your viewers to keep returning to your TikToks, it helps to add some polishing flair. Add some filters, music, a voiceover, captions, and, when you’re really pleasant on the app, some inventive transitions. Even better if you can tell a funny story, too. Just don’t fail to remember the primary purpose of your content. “The videos should actually inspire the audience to cook food in preference to just watching it,” Cano says.

6 Shatter the rules

Just like with cooking, the rules of TikTok are intented to be smashed. Who knows what will go viral, what will become a fashion, and what, well, was a wither of your time. The golden rule of social media is to be innovative, make what you want to build, and see what sticks.

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