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7 Ways Technology Will Influence the Future



Technology Will Influence the Future

Technology has changed the way that we live. It is an essential part of our daily lives. But, how will it change the future? What does the future hold for technology? The following article discusses 7 ways in which technology will influence your future!

1. Technology Will Make Information More Accessible

Technology is making it easier than ever before to access information. Information used to be stored in libraries and books, but now, there are digital versions of everything out there. You can even find information on the internet!

Do you need a good place for lunch? There’s an app for that! (LOL) All kidding aside though, technology has made finding places easy – all you have to do is check your phone or computer! What does this mean for future generations? They’ll grow up knowing that they always have immediate access to information about anything at any time; not just when they’re sitting down with Google. This will make them much more efficient workers because they won’t waste hours searching for information. They’ll have what they need when they need it!

Even if you or I don’t use this new technology ourselves, our future generations will – so we should be prepared for the changes that this might bring about. People in positions of authority and power may find themselves at a loss with how to delegate tasks efficiently because their employees won’t wait around for them to do everything on their own. It’s going to take some getting used to, but it’s likely that people will get the hang of things quickly enough as long as everyone is willing to make necessary adjustments along the way!

The easier access becomes, more efficient workers are created which creates better workplaces overall! And isn’t having a good place for lunch always important?

2. Technology Will Make Us More Efficient

Technology helps us to become more efficient in our everyday lives. We have apps on our phones that will help us find the best places for lunch or dinner! Or, even better, we can use technology to order food from a restaurant and it’s delivered right to your doorstep! Imagine having such easy access to something like this – you could work all day and not worry about anything because someone else was taking care of getting your meal ready for when you got home.

3. Technology Will Make Our Lives Simpler

Technology keeps us from having to do everything the long way. If you have a difficult time remembering things, there’s an app for that! You can put all of your important information in one place and it will be easily accessible when you need it most – this is something our future generations are going to really appreciate because they won’t know how we managed without technology!

We use technology to make everything simpler. Using apps on your phone or computer can help with anything from buying groceries online (and then having them delivered) to finding out where restaurants are located if you’re hungry while away at work. And remember what I said about access being easier? This means that future generations might never forget their keys or worry about losing important information.

The more we incorporate technology into our daily lives, the easier and simpler things become – which is a good thing! Our future generations will really appreciate what they’ll have access to because it’s going to be so much better than anything that was available when their parents were growing up. And if you forget your keys or need help remembering something? There’s an app for that too!

4. Technology Will Make Us Better Collaborators

Technology makes it easier for us to communicate and collaborate with each other. You can send messages on your phone or computer, not just face-to-face!

This might make some people uncomfortable – especially if they’re used to communicating in person only – but you know what? It’s going to be our future generations who will really appreciate the ability to work together remotely. When everyone is always connected through technology, we’ll all be more productive because we won’t have a bunch of distractions that come from working side by side with others in an office space. Our future generations are going to love this new way of doing things because it means less time wasted commuting and forth between home and work!

5. Technology Will Make Us More Organized

Technology helps us to become more organized. Apps make it easier for you to keep track of everything that’s important in your life!

I’ve already mentioned how much I appreciate the convenience that technology has brought into my own life – and this is something future generations will be able to benefit from as well. There are apps available today which help with things like grocery shopping, keeping up with what needs to get done at home or work, finding restaurants nearby when hunger strikes during a busy day…the list goes on and on! It might take some time for everyone else around the world (or even just our friends) to catch onto using these helpful tools regularly but once they do? We’ll all reap the benefits.

6. Technology Will Make Our Environment Safer

Technology is allowing us to make our environment safer. For example, there are apps like Waze that tell you when police officers are located in the area so people can drive more safely!

This isn’t something I use personally – but it’s definitely a great thing for everyone else out there who drives on busy city roads or highways every day. Knowing where cops are stationed helps drivers avoid breaking any rules and keeps them safe while they’re behind the wheel which benefits their passengers too! This technology will also help with air quality around large cities due to the reduction of cars idling at red lights. It might take some time before this becomes popular everywhere, but once it does? We’ll all be able to breathe easier.

7. Technology Will Make Us More Productive

Technology will make us more productive. For example, you can work from home and communicate with your team through apps like Slack which makes it easier to collaborate!

This is one of my favorite things about technology – the fact that I’m able to get so much done each day because there are fewer distractions thanks to being able to stay connected remotely. When our future generations start working for companies, they’ll really appreciate not having to drive into an office every morning (which could take hours out of their commute if they live in a city or suburbia). They’ll also be grateful not having as many distractions when trying focus on getting something important completed no matter where they’re located at any given time! This way of life will allow them to be more productive which is something they’ll thank us for when they’re older.


The future is coming, and it’s an exciting time to be alive. But with all the advancements in technology happening every day, how will they shape our lives? And what industries might change or disappear altogether? We can’t say for sure. However, we do know that there are 7 major ways that technological advances could influence us as a society in the near future – for better or worse.  Below you’ll find seven predictions of how technology may affect life over the next few decades if trends continue on their current path.

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How to Arrange Photos on Your IPhone – Influfame



Arrange Photos on Your IPhone

1. Remove duplicate photos

The creation of digital photography was a magnificent thing—it means we don’t have to depend on just one roll of film to catch our favorite moments and we have infinite chances to get the perfect shot. It also means we finish it with way too many photos of nearly the same exact thing, and they can rapidly impede the camera roll.

Fortunately, there are apps to make the exercise of removing duplicate photos way easier. These apps use photo analyzing software to work through your photo library and collect all the collection of similar photos, making it easier to remove all the images you don’t want or need and keep the ones you do. Two of the most acclaimed duplicate photo-remover apps on the App Store are Gemini Photos and Smart Cleaner—and while the right version of both be priced at money, you can use a free three-day trial to clean out almost of your photo library as possible.

2. Remove Irrelevant Screenshots

Since most screenshots have a quite short lifespan—we take them to send to someone straight away and swiftly forget about them—there’s no need for them to be consuming storage on our phones. Fortunately, iPhones have a nominated “Screenshots” folder in the Photos app that instinctively collects all screenshots you take. So, anytime you’re looking to quickly clear up a cluster of photo storage, without taking a long scroll down memory lane, you should head to the Screenshots folder. While you may discover some funny memes or recipe ideas you want to remain, it’s likely that many of your screenshots can go straight to the bin.

3. Use the Explore Option

Once you’re done deleting the unwanted photos from your library, you can concentrate on organizing the significant ones into designated albums. When doing this, you can use the explore tool in the iPhone Photos app (located in the bottom right corner) to search photos by date, place, and content. This permits you to gather strongly similar photos that you may want to organize in an album without having to manually scroll through your whole library.

4. Utilize Photo Organizing Apps

Whether you want to boost outside of the Photos app or just want another choice for backing up your photos, photo organizing apps can be the best way to go. Google Photos and Amazon Photos are two of the best options, presenting AI-assisted search and cloud storage to assist you to store and organizing all of your images. Amazon Prime subscribers who use the Amazon Photos app will get unlimited cloud storage of their original intention images, as well as 5GB for video and document storage, while non-Prime members get a combined limit of 5GB for images and videos. Google Photos is free for all users, but now, as of June 2021, has limited its earlier unlimited storage to 15GB for all Google Cloud services, including Gmail and Google Docs.

Create a “print-worthy” Portfolio

If you’re someone who’s been saying you want to print out a cluster of photos for years now but has yet to actually do it, this point is for you. While arranging your photos, be sure to “set aside” the ones you want in hard copies by adding them to a memory book nominated for printing. That way, whenever you finally determine to place a mass order of prints, you’ll already have your images selected. Then, you can set together some old-fashioned photo memory book to flip through anytime you’re tired of scrolling on your devices and want to think back on your favorite memories.

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How to Make a Cooking Tiktok – Influfame



Make a Cooking Tiktok

1 Keep it Easy

“Simplicity is key when creating food content for TikTok,” says MacKenzie Smith, creator of Grilled Cheese Social. While some at-home food preparer will be glad to take on a more complicated cooking challenge, Smith says an welcoming recipe is key to connecting with a larger audience. “My Baked Feta Pasta that go off viral, initially this year is a central example of how new yet simple food trends can take charge of the social environment and can easily be refurbished right in your own kitchen.”

2 Show off a kitchen Chop

Before jumping into full-on recipes, look at showing off your cooking hacks, shooting something you do special or showing a helpful spike some viewers may not know. Consider how you’d educate a friend, then reveal for the camera. (It assurely assists if you have a second set of hands, or a tripod, to film this content.) Smith, who’s apprenticing with the National Mango Board, says she’s been starting all her videos for the campaign with a affirmation of the best mango cutting manner, adding that the hedgepig mango cut is the peaceful way to cut the health beneficial food. “How-to content is both enjoyable and educational for the TikTok community—everyone have deep affection towards a good kitchen hack,” she says.


3 Shot from different angles

If you have two smartphones or cameras, attempt positioning them up on tripods or stands at different angles, so you can edit with a range of different shots, both above and from another view point. Only have one device? No problem. Think about shooting various portions of your cooking—chopping, stirring, plating—from a linear perspectives to add a pictorial quality.

4 Keep it brief

You’re not capturing a feature film here. Keep your video between 30 to 60 seconds to keep your ever-convolve audience engaged. “Long duration videos can evolve suspense initially, but in due course bore viewers,” says chef Vicky Cano of “For example, at start I used to produce a series of videos for one recipe but my audience engagement lessen with the intensification number of videos. Then, I kept my videos brief and started listing recipes in the caption, and observed higher engagement.”

5 Get artistic when editing

Sure, food videos can be enjoyable on their own, but if you want your viewers to keep returning to your TikToks, it helps to add some polishing flair. Add some filters, music, a voiceover, captions, and, when you’re really pleasant on the app, some inventive transitions. Even better if you can tell a funny story, too. Just don’t fail to remember the primary purpose of your content. “The videos should actually inspire the audience to cook food in preference to just watching it,” Cano says.

6 Shatter the rules

Just like with cooking, the rules of TikTok are intented to be smashed. Who knows what will go viral, what will become a fashion, and what, well, was a wither of your time. The golden rule of social media is to be innovative, make what you want to build, and see what sticks.

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4 Smart Keep Fit Gadgets That Will Retain You Reporting



Smart Keep Fit Gadgets

Accountability is key when it comes to working out,” says Monica Jones, execution and nutrition coach in Washington, D.C. “It’s a huge factor in helping people show up. Tech can absolutely help. Push notifications can remind us to work out, hit specific goals, check in with the status of our daily goals, and acknowledge overall progress.”

Research supports this spirit: the latest study showed that about two-thirds of members who use physical activity trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch intensified their exercise practice and exercised at least three days a week.

1: WHOOP Strap 3.0


“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. WHOOP is not your classic exercise tracker—it calculates how much pressure you put on the body day to day, as against to only zeroing in on individual standard like calories, distance, or sack time. The waterproof high-knit strap detects how your heart rate is affected by everything—from running a 5K to knock down five glasses of wine—then hand over you with a absolute recovery score each morning so you know how to get grips with the new day. What’s more, it computes your respiratory rate with such accuracy that you might see swaps in your breathing pattern before you realize you’re dejected—something we could all utilize during this pandemic.

2:  Tangram SmartRope Rookie


Investigation shows that jumping rope for 10 minutes a day throughout six weeks is as efficient as 30 minutes of jogging when it come about to cardio benefits. It’s also magnificent for fine-tuning balance, both physically and mentally; cortisol levels are said to let fall after jumping rope. With the Smart Rope Rookie and app, you’ll actually twig to your new jumping routine as it stores 1,000 sets of data, instinctively records jump count and calories, and assists you with interval training. And thanks to comfortably adjustable straps, your whole family can bounce on board.

3: Hidrate Spark Steel Bluetooth Smart Water Bottler


We all know sticking hydrated throughout the day is significant, but drinking water is all too simple to forget. That amnesia can lead to fatigue and lack of motivation to linger active in the first place. The HidrateSpark smart water bottle syncs to the app and notify you when you need to take a sip based on a special equation that applies your age, height, weight, exercise, and even upgradation. The bottle lights up and the app sends you alert to make sure you stay on path. Another major reward: The app assists discover your bottle with the Find My Bottle feature should you ever lose it.


4: Activ5 Fitness System


You’ve got no justification to skip a workout thanks to Activ5’s five-minute planar system (said to be less weakning than traditional workouts, but excellent for your joints). You can work out literally anywhere, whereas sitting at your desk or in your car as you hold up for grocery pickup. Over 100 game-like app exercises permit you to assemble strength without having to break into a sweat. Activ5 efforts with Apple Health and Apple Watch so you can trace your activity and energy product as well.

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